How to Get Prophet Orbs in Idle Heroes

In this guide, you will learn how to get FREE Prophet Orbs FAST in Idle Heroes. There are multiple ways to get free Prophet Orbs FAST in Idle Heroes.

The first and most obvious way is from the marketplace. You can buy one profit orb every day for 500 gems if you want.

The next way is through the tavern, these tavern quests can give prophet orbs.

The third way is that you have to go to the arena and then spend the coins you get from fighting in the arena for profit orbs.

The next way is through cool events. You have to go into the cool events and then go to monthly events. After that, go to the tavern quest and as you do the tavern quest, you will get five profit orbs just from the event.

You can get up to 20 if you do all of them but you can only get five if you only do 20. Those are all of the ways to get prophet orbs.

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