How to Get Pumpkin Smasher in King Legacy

In this guide, you will come to know how to get a new Pumpkin Smasher sword. 

There are two ways to get this sword; the first is to collect 1500 candies to purchase from the shop. 

The first way is very grindy and hard.

The second way is to defeat jack O lantern boss until it drops you, the pumpkin smasher. You can get all four accessories from this jack.

Jack O Lantern boss spawns in between 3-6 hours, and you also get 20-30 candies. 

There is a very low chance of getting the pumpkin smasher by drop from the Jack O Lantern boss. 

You will need to get at least 6 people to fight Jack O Lantern boss because he is tough. 

Now the showcase:

Hammer spin (Z) is a forward launching spinning move that is good for combos in PVP.  

Solid break (X) smashes the hammer on the ground and creates a mid-range impact; any close-range enemies can’t run from this move. 

Pumpkin smashers also have special MI’s like authentic triple katana.   

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