How to Get Rare Fragments l Mobile Legends

In this brief guide, you will get to know how to get rare fragments in mobile legends.

#1 New Arrival

One of the prizes you can get here by getting a draw here at new arrivals!

If you get a trial card skin, you can also get pink fragments by trying the skin on classic brawl or rank mode.

Later we will talk about it. Let’s try to spin

#2 Magic Wheel

I’m getting a draw here. There are a lot of prizes and one of these is 10 pink fragments.

So let’s try to take a draw and hope that you can get good prizes.

#3 Trying New Skin

You just need to try the new skin on classic rank, or brawl to get 4 pink fragments. You do not need to buy the skin, you can draw at new arrival to get a trial card. If you get a trial card on a new arrival, you can use it to get 4 pink fragments.

#4 Purchase Bonus

If you spend diamonds, you will get fragments. If you spend a total of 1k diamonds you will get a total of 67 pink.

Let’s try to spend some diamonds and then claim the pink fragments.

#5 Partaking on Events

At this time this is the event moonton release but there is more event soon.

One of the prizes here are rare fragments! Be updated on new events so you can get more fragments.

#6 Starlight Rewards

Buying the starlight has so many benefits.

You can get permanent skins, cool stuff and pink fragments. Every week you can claim 5 pink fragments.

There is an event and that is not available right now. You just need to recharge. That now is a good moonton. Anything you do can give you a cool reward. Recharging and spending diamonds! Instant pink fragments!


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