How To Get Reindeer Horse In The Wild West (Roblox)

In this guide, we will tell you how to get a reindeer horse in Roblox Wild West.

First you will need to get a ticket under the tree. Get to the tree and it will give you one ticket.

To get more tickets you have to arrest people.

After that, ride the Christmas train to the end. Now hold E to use your ticket, this is a one time use.

Enter Santa’s workshop (Safe Zone) and you will need to turn on totems.

It will turn blue and you need to do three. Find out second and third. You will have to cross some hard obstacles in the way to find them.

The last one is the hardest. You have to jump on slippery ice to activate the totem. A good tip is to jump near the edges.

Jump carefully to activate the last one.

After that, go to find a reindeer. You may face many bears on the way to the reindeer horse. Survival is up to you.

Open the chest box after finding it in this building. You will see a notification saying “you have unlocked the reindeer horse”.

Here is the reindeer horse, you can ride it.


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