How to Get Royal Egg Of The Bearers In Bear Roblox

This guide will let you know how to get Royal Egg Of The Bearers in Roblox Bear. Go through the guide and follow step-by-step instructions to get the Royal egg.

To get the Egg, you will need to find a key first. There are 4 Keys that are found at a fixed location on all maps. You only need one key to get the egg. After finding a key, touch it to get it.

Now you have to make your way to the Lobby.

If you have the Key, a door will be opened in the Lobby.

After getting teleported, you’ll see a note on the ground and 6 paintings.

The notes give you hints to solve the Color Code. You have to use the hints to find out the color code in each of the painting colors. For example, “The good ol’ days,” relates to the painting with Old Roblox the Color Yellow, so you can put Yellow in the Code first.

In this case, the code was Yellow, Yellow, Pink, Pink.

Now click on the Green Button, and a Door will open which teleports you to another place.

Then you will need to complete this Small Obby.

Now click on the Red Button to release the Egg, and then collect it to get it.

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