How To Get RUKIRY AXE – Lumber Tycoon 2

This guide will let you know how to get the Rukiry Axe in Lumber Tycoon 2.

Firstly, you have to get some stuff.

Take a car and drive across the bridge.

You will need three things, a worm can, a light bulb and a bag of sand.

You have to buy a can of worms first. Bob sells it. Bob’s store at the end of the road, make your way to Bob.


The next thing you will need to buy is a “Lightbulb”.

And the last thing is a sand bag, you can find it at the main store.

The bridge is still down, you have to go fast.

3200+2600+1600=$7400, that is the cost of the rukiry axe.

Now, you have to go to a secret place in the foggy forest.

You will see the red bird sign there.

There is a hatch under the fog.

These strange men like to eat sand, bulb, worms etc.

You will need to put these stuff on the plates in the same way as shown in the image below.

Yeah blessed axe. Get back, you have the power.

Fascinating, these men sh… mystical axe after eating the bulb.

Here is our Rukiry, like a shark.


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