How to Get Sanctus Bike – GTA 5

In this guide, you will learn how to get the LCC Sanctus Bike in GTA V. It’s worth knowing, and you can have more fun playing GTA V. 

You can get the Sanctus Bike in GTA V very easily. This bike has a skull on the front, which makes the bike more attractive. The Sanctus bike is a part of the Halloween event; it means you can buy this bike during the Halloween event. The Sanctus is free for prime gaming this week. You will buy it for 2 million dollars if you don’t have prime gaming. This bike is the second most expensive bike in GTA V. 

You can customize the bike, but you can’t change the steering wheel and the skull of the bike. When you get the bike, you have a skeleton fuel tank; you can change its appearance to look normal. You can even change the color of the lights. You can customize the bike in Arena War Workshop and the LS Car Meet Workshop

You don’t have a stable grip on the Sanctus bike. It doesn’t even have good traction on the stats; it takes some time before you get the speed. It means you would face difficulty when trying to avoid or chase someone while riding on the hill and off-road. You can’t do a clear wheeling with this bike. 

You can do the races in the motorcycle class, and you must have the custom version to do this. Due to its bad traction, this bike is not reliable to do racing in the game. The Sanctus bike takes 35.4 seconds to complete one mile on the straight track, but with the Shotaro, you can do this within 33.1 seconds. It makes a big difference. 

The Sanctus bike is only limited to the Halloween event and free for prime gaming for a week. In this way, you can get the Sanctus Bike in GTA V and have fun in the game.

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