How To Get Snake Man | King Legacy?

This guide will let you know how to get Snake Man in the King Piece game.

For the Snake Man Quest, make your way to the Quarke Island/ Marineford and accept this quest.

Then you have to go to Redbird. He is in Skypiea. He will give you a quest in return.

White man quest.

Redbird is in the deep area.

Now go to Alabasta for white man.

Here is the tricky part. You need to try it again and again.

Go to the side of the wall of the castle.

Use SHIFT and face opposite of the wall and use Soru to get in, yes you need Soru for it.

Here He is, it costs 1Million Beli BTW you can get 1Million Beli refund from the old gear 4th seller at Snow island.

Showing all the moves you can, watch the Showcase.

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