How to Get Steam Herald Mount Skin – Perfect World Mobile

This brief guide will let you know how to get the steam herald mount skin in Perfect World Mobile.

It is a temporary skin for seven days; you have to use an ingot to make it permanent. To get this skin, you need to collect three pieces of steam herald shards. 

And you can collect these shards from the hidden quests.

The first quest is the City of Plume. Coordinate: 287,299,112. 

You will need to tap the guide NPC gently, and the chain of boring quests will begin. 

Just tap and auto move for a couple of minutes. 

You have to speak to a couple of NPCs until you are finally requested to shout the most famous sentence in the game.

“Why does the WInged Elf Guide have three boyfriends”?

Light up the fireworks, and then talk to the Fox spirit. 

He’ll do some naruto’s bad and clone himself to 6 foxes. You will need to find out the real one, fight, and defeat it. But the more you attack, the more they heal. You have to keep trying to attack all those clones repeatedly over and over again.

The trick to this quest is, do not to use the skill on the fox. Just hit him with a normal attack, and this sucker will go down in seconds. Finally, you will receive the shard from the gang lover elf guide.

The next quest is called Etherblade. Coordinate: 173, 325, 290.

You have to talk to NPC demigod Liu. then start your quest from there. Don’t move anywhere; he will ask you to find a tree.  

The clue is: Tree with red leaves. 

And if you open your map, there is only one possible place for that auto navigate to that spot. 

Go to the glowing light under the tree, and you will get another shard piece.

Now the last part is Archauser city. Its coordinates are 167, 300, 131. 

You will see a drunken NPC sitting right next to the giant statue. To trigger the quest, you have to use action => greet. 

Then you will need to meet Zephyr in the general mansion. 

Speak to trey. Trey will go undercover and disguise himself; you need to find him. But actually, he will stand not too far, just at the other side of the zephyr building. 

Next, Trey will run away from the general mansion. Follow him and kill the guards for fun. Now you have to move outside of the city from the west gate. 

It is the correct answer. 

Then you get the shard piece. Put all three pieces into the crucible and combine them. 

Open the skin menu, tap mount, and there you have it.  

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