How to get Storage Augmentation Modules in No Man’s Sky

This guide will explain three different ways you can get storage augmentation modules. For two of the methods, you’ll need a good amount of money for a couple of million units. 

The first method is by finding them as a rare reward on derelict ships, which you can get to by going to the scrap dealer on the space station in whatever system you’re in. And buy the coordinates for 5 million credits.

Once you get on the ship, you will need to open every crate on the ship before leaving, as each crate has a chance to have a storage augmentation module in it. But the drop is rare, so you may get times where you get a few each run or even none if you’re unlucky. 

The other method doesn’t require you to have a lot of money, though it is recommended to have some nanites as you will buy inhabited outpost beacons from the cartographer on the space station. 

You will need to use the beacon to find a transmission tower, and once you reach the transmission tower, you have to solve the puzzle, and it will lead you to either a crashed small ship or a crashed freighter, and the crashed freighter is the one you’re going to be looking for.

Once you reach the crashed freighter, you will need to search throughout it and scan it for cargo pods that you can repair and open, as they also have a chance to drop storage augmentation modules. But just like the derelict freighters, it is fairly rare, so it’s likely going to take you some time to get the modules, and they are fairly rare.

The last method on this list is buying ships at the space station and scrapping them as scrapping ships can give storage augmentation modules. However, it is not confirmed if the ship class affects your chance of getting the modules.

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