How to Get Tapper in Stardew Valley

This guide will provide you with the quickest method to TAPPER in Stardew Valley. If you’re thinking about how trappers work and which tree yields what ingredient this guide is definitely for you.

You get to use tapers when you reach level 3 in forging. Tappers provide an infinite number of resources as long as the tree is standing. A tapper costs 40 wood and 2 copper bars. With tapers, you can get a lifetime supply of syrup, sap, and other items.

To use the tappers, you just have to hold them and interact with the tree.

After that, wait for the tapper to suck ingredients from the tree.

Maple tree yields maple syrup and it takes the longest time, you can craft bee hives with it.

Oaktree yields oak resin and it’s used in building kegs.

Pine trees give pine tar and can make looms with it.

The mahogany tree yields sap every single day.

Then there is the mushroom tree which mostly yields common mushrooms. It can be a common mushroom for spring and summer and a red mushroom for fall. The type of mushroom depends upon the season.

But the disadvantage is mushrooms are reduced to tiny stumps in winter and you can’t tap them.

Now here are some tapper facts.

  1. If a tree is hit by lightning, it will be destroyed along with everything in the tapper.
  2. You can also tap trees on the map other than the trees on your farm.
  3. You can tapper palm trees but they yield nothing.
  4. All trees yield in winter except the mushroom tree.
  5. Although pine tar and oak resin and maple syrup are labeled as artisan goods they have no additional value in the artisan profession.
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