How to Get the Ambassador in Warframe

In this guide, you will come to know how to get the Ambassador in Warframe. 

The primary blueprint for the ambassador and the parts can all drop from a survival rail jack mission in the Neptune Proxima.

The mission/Node you will be running is the Enkidu ice drifts on Neptune.

The primary blueprint for the ambassador can drop as a C rotation reward for being in the mission. To get the C rotation rewards, you have to stay for at least 20 minutes as ever 20 minutes; you will get C rotation rewards. 

The blueprint also doesn’t have the highest drop chances, but it’s also not the lowest, so it shouldn’t take you ridiculously long to get it unless your luck is terrible.

The other parts for Ambassador drop can drop from the enemies that spawn in the mission, and the parts you are looking for are the receiver, Barrel, and stock.

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