How to Get the Blue Halo in Treacherous Tower

This guide will let you know how you can get the Blue Halo in Roblox Treacherous Tower.

To get the Blue Halo, you have to get a certain level called “crumbling”. It is luck-based and may take an hour to get it.  

Once you go the level, you have to Parkour over where you find a broken Halo.

After getting to the broken Halo, jump onto it, and you will get a broken Halo item. 

After that, you need to jump down to spawn. But do not die or lose the broken Halo; otherwise, you have to redo it. 

Once you are at spawn with the Broken Halo, you need to go to the blue light thing under the stairs and place it onto it. 

After doing that, you will get the Halo; it was not working, so it is sped up.

To check that you got it, you need to go to the box at the left, inventory, and then Halos. Then press the Blue Halo. 

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