How To Get The Bonus Track Badge In Bear

In this guide, you will learn the method to get the Bonus Track Badge in Roblox Bear. This will also let you know where you can find the code that Cheed asks for.

First, you’ll need to Talk to Cheed and find out the code that he asks for.

To get the code, you have to first vote for the Haunted Mansion map. After Spawning, move closer to the cowboy (White Suited).

Once you’re here in this secret area, look under this table for a code. The code is different every round, so you’ll need to go and check the code under the table. After getting the code, reset and go back to the lobby.

Now go to Cheed and enter the code. After getting teleported and head over to the figure named with “The Mandem”.

Also, Do not fall into the Pit.Once you’re here, touch the figure to get teleported to an Obby.

Now you have to reach the end of this obby.

After reaching this red orb, you’ll get the badge.


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