How to Get the Cellar Key – Roblox a Dream You’ve Had Before

This guide will let you know how to get the Cellar key and “Bottom” badge in Roblox A Dream You’ve had Before

First, you will need to go to the basement and then go to the staircase.  

You find some numbers, they are actually a code, you will need to decode from every floor until it repeats. It is pretty easy when you learn how to do it though. 

14 9 14 5 20 5 5 14 in alphabetical letters is nineteen cause  14 = N: 9=1 And can you continue like that.

Nineteen= S, which mean the first letter is S. Let me save you time: the 3 first floors always have the same word: “Say”.

1514 5 means one so the second letter is a. 

20 23 5 14 20 25 6 9 22 5 means Twenty Five – Y. That’s why I said the first 3 floors always have the same letters: “Say”. 

Now it’s starting to get hard! 26 518 15 means ZERO NO = space, it means you need to put a space between say and the next word! 

Remember that it’s random on every server and it’s 2 words, you’re gonna have to decode the other one alone!

20 23 514 20 25 – Twenty 20 = letter “t” so the first letter of the first word is “t”.

collate 696 20 5514Fiveteen! 15 = o. 

20 23 514 20 25 20 81855 means Twentythree = w

69 22 5 means five = e

5978 20 20 55 14 means Eighteen=R 

26 518 15 -Zero, it means it’s the end of my first word! T+O+W+E+R tower.

After getting the second word, you will know it’s over when you get “Sa”, which means it’s repeating! 

To get bottom, you then need to get to -1000! And as you get the cellar key. Now it’s easy to open the door at -667.

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