How to get the Certified Pro and Pet Rat Badges in BREAK IN

In this guide, you will learn how to get the Certified Pro and Pet Rat Badges in BREAK IN. You have to give the mouse to the cat to get “Certified Pro” Badge and need to give three items to  Uncle Pete in order to get the Pet Rat. You will need to beat the Final Boss to get the badge.

There’s a complex way of getting the “Pat Rat”. So first, you have to get all the hidden food items from the house.

Then go outside and talk to Uncle Pete. He’ll ask you to bring him 3 items.

The 3 items that he asks for are random for everyone. You MUST give him the items in the order that he has given you his list.

For example, the list, in this case, is 1 Cookie, 1 Bloxy Cola, and 1 Bloxy Sludge Pie. You need to give him the cookie first, then the cola, and then the pie.

For the pie, you’ll first have to get a pie dish.

You can also find money to buy items in the basement hidden under objects.

In the basement, you can also find a code hidden under the objects. You enter the code into the Safe found behind one of the paintings in the house.

The safe gives either Bloxy Cola or Money, which is pretty helpful.

You can also use the Ladder to open the Attic, which also has either the Pie, Dish, or Bloxy Cola.

After reading the ingredients for the pie needed to give to Uncle Pete, you have to head to Bloxy Mart and buy the items needed for the pie.

Now go to the Kitchen, equip the ingredients for the pie needed by uncle Pete and click on the pie dish while holding the items.

Click on the oven when the bar turns green.

After getting him the 3 items, you’ll get the Badge and the Pet Rat called Louie. To get the “Certified Pro” Badge, you have to give the mouse to the cat. The cat is most likely in the basement, so go there.

Once you give the mouse to the cat, she’ll become your friend. The cat will also attack enemies for you.

During the Sewers sequence, the cat will follow you.

It’s recommended to go slowly, and wait for the cat each time you jump for the cat to catch a cup you, and jump at the edge of the blocks. You are able to pick the cat if drowns but it’ll cost 30 energy.

It’s recommended to wait for the cat each time you jump.  Then start jumping from one block to another and you will reach the end with the cat safely.

Now to finally get the Badge, you will need to beat the Final Boss and escape with the cat.

The cat also gives you 1 energy every time you click it from time to time.

Make sure that you have people that defend you so that you don’t die after coming all this way with the cat.

It’s recommended to move back when Scary Larry does it spinning attacks towards you as you’re most likely to dodge it that way.

You can bring a med-pack so that you can heal your allies and ask your friends to bring a med-pack as well. The Cat will also attack the minions.

Keep dodging his attacks and don’t die.

After defeating Scary Larry with the cat by your side, you’ll get the Badge.

Only the person who befriends the cat will get the Badge.

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