How to Get the FIB Badge – GTA 5 Online

In this guide, you will come to know how to get FIB Badge in GTA V. It is worth knowing the glitch and having more fun with the game.

You can get the FIB Badge very easily and quickly in GTA V. It is recommended to have Oppressor Mark II because it will make it easier for you to get it. To access the job, you have to do Scope Out Casino and Vault Contents first.

You will need a Gun Man, Driver, and a Hacker. Once you have done it, go to the Gun Store and select the outfit you want a FIB Badge

After changing the outfit, you need to go to the place shown at the bottom of the screen and kill everyone there. You can kill them with your Oppressor Mark II. But if you don’t have it, you can put on any weapon and kill them. 

After killing them, you need to find out the FIB Badge from the officer. After getting it, go back to the Gun Store. Here you need to save the outfit with the badge.  

Now go to the Pause menu and come up to the Online section. Then, you have to go to the Find New Session. After coming to the game, you will see that you still have a badge. In this way, you can get the FIB Badge through the cool glitch in GTA V. It looks fantastic, and you can have more fun playing the game. 

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