How to get the Find The Golden Skull BADGE In WORM

Go through this guide and follow all the instructions to get Golden Skull Badge and Golden Skull Hat in Roblox WORM (Ended).

First, you will need to go to the Graveyard.

Now touch this skull to get teleported to the “Glitch World”.

Once you’re here, Burn off your Worm Body. The reason why is to avoid collecting the candy in the Glitched World which decreases your leaves.

Now you’ll need to get to the top of the mountain.

Besides avoiding leaves, the other reason why getting rid of your worm body is to prevent getting crushed by Boulders.

As when a Boulder touches you, you’ll slowly die. Now when you’re in the Glitch World, sometimes you’ll hear a shriek and experience the world turning green with some weird images moving around.

When this happens, the Boulders slow down. This is because they start lagging due of the amount of moving images once the environment turns green. You can use that to your advantage and quickly reach the top of the mountain without having to worry about the Boulders.

Once you’re at the top, go to the corner of the mountain and touch the Golden Skull to get the Badge.

Now you can see the Golden Skull Hat.

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