How to Get the Fire Talisman – Trophy Guide (Sifu)

This guide will let you know how to get the Fire Talisman trophy in Sifu. 

You have to spare the 2nd boss, Sean, rather than kill him to get this trophy. So you will need to make your way through the club as usual.

The first phase is business as usual; just beat the boss the 1st time to trigger phase 2.

In phase 2, you have to stun the boss two times to get the prompt to spare him. Do not finish him.

The easiest way to get his stun bar up is to block/parry his attacks.

Once you stun him, you do not have to finish him.

Keep parrying to stun him again; you will get a spare prompt on the left D-Pad.

Even if you undo it, the talismans remain unlocked after the battle, so it doesn’t matter at what age you finish the fight.

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