How to Get the Katana – The Forest 

In this guide, you will be able to know how to get Katana in The Forest. You just have to follow the steps explained in the guide and you can get it very easily. 

To get Katana in The Forest, you will need to open your map and come over to the place which is very close to the Cockpit

You can even click on the link below to get to that location easily:,594.0

You will find a cave there as shown in the image below.

Now go down under the cave using the rope. You don’t have to fight with any CANNIBALS

Now go straight forward and you will find another rope there. Then climb up using the rope.

Now start going to the left path instead of the right. The right path will lead you to an Army.

You have to keep following the wooden boards on the ground. Then you will come to the point where you will find loot which includes money, food, medicines, flares, and watches.   

You will find Katana there from that guy. All you need is to pick the Katana and get out of the cave.

Now open your Inventory and you will have your Katana on the left side.

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