How To Get The Kcab Emoc T’nod Dna Hsarc I Fi Dna Badge + The Atrocity Skin In Bear

To get the Kcab Emoc T’nod Dna Hsarc and The Atrocity Skin, you will need to follow the following steps.

First, you have to vote for the Cheese Factory Map.

If you spawn as Bear, then you will need to head outside. You will have to spawn outside if you’re a survivor.

After that, follow to get the Keycard.

Bear has a jump boost, so it’s easier to get the keycard. If you’re a survivor, you’ll need players to help you get on the top.

You will need to walk towards the locker.

Use the Keycard on the locker and press the button. Then click on another button under a conveyor belt.

Now you need to go back to where the bear spawns at.

A new area will unlock; click the button to proceed.

Now you have to follow the arrows and jump over the fence. As a survivor, you need to go to the other side.

After that, get into this wall and enter the secret area to get the badge.

You’ll get the Atrocity Skin after getting the badge.

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