How to Get the Malbear Skin in BEAR Roblox

This guide will let you know how to get Malbear Skin in Roblox Bear. Malbear comes with three special lines that are :

“Your Roblox Has been infected. Come here.”

“Free Cheese 100% working, no virus easy.”

“You are the 1000th visitor to come here to win a prize.”

To get Malbear, you will need to get the “@” Badge first. You have to vote for the Haunted Mansion Map to get the badge, .

Now you need to find a button behind the Mansion. After finding the Button, click it and you’ll hear a jingle after clicking the button.

Now you’ll be able to pass through a hidden wall that is near the Pumpkin Patch. You need to touch the Neon Door to get teleported.

After getting teleported, complete the Mini Obby and talk to Edward to get the Badge.

Then you will get Mallbear in your inventory.

Malbear has some Special Voice Lines. Malbear has a Total of 3 Voice Lines.

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