How to Get the Modern Bow! The Forest

In this guide, you will get to know how to get the Modern Bow in The Forest. You have to follow the steps explained in the guide to get the Modern Bow.

All you need is Rebreather and Climbing Axe to get it. If you have them, go and find the Chasm Cave. 

You can go to the link below to get the location of the cave.,-635.3

After entering the cave, you have to walk straight forward through the hanging bodies. When you find the rope on your way, go down, you will face CANNIBALS there. After that, you have to come up to the Wooden Barriers. 

After crossing them, go to the left path until you see a rope. Now go down through the rope. You will find another rope on your way, and again you have to climb down through it. Then walk a little, and on your right, you will find the third rope.  

Climb down, and you will see a climbing rope on your left wall. You will need a Climbing Axe to go through it.

After climbing through the wall, you need to turn to your right to climb down the fourth rope. Now go along the right pathway, and you will come across another climbing rope on the wall. Again use your Climbing Axe to go through it. 

Now go to the other side of the Chasm and climb down the final rope. You need to be careful because there are CANNIBALS at the bottom. 

Keep going straight forward and when you reach the end, turn around, and here you will find a rope. Now climb down and go to the left pathway; you will find a tent there; it means you are following the right path. 

Now keep going until you face the wooden barrier and break it. Then come up to the end of the room. Beware from the CANNIBALS because they are all over the room.

After reaching the end of the room, you will find stalactite water. Now take out your Rebreather and go under the water. When you leave the water from the other side, you will find few boxes and a tent there. It is the place where you can get the Modern Bow in The Forest


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