How To Get The MSR Sniper Rifle In Ghost Recon Wildlands

By following this guide you will learn how you can get the MSR Sniper Rifle in Ghost Recon Wildlands. You will need to find the little mineshaft on the map first, and then you have to reach its location on your helicopter. Follow the steps in this guide to achieve the MSR Sniper Rifle.

It is easy to get the MSR Sniper Rifle even if you have just started the game. You need to jump to the helicopter and get to the location where you will find this useful little mineshaft.

There will be five people on the front who can be easily taken care of, you’ve try your best not to get exposed because there are many reinforcements that will show up if you get exposed in the mission. Once you leave those five men behind, then you can enter the mineshaft.

The mineshaft is highly secured, but you don’t have to go too deep inside to get the MSR Sniper Rifle. Some people will be inside the mineshaft, and you will have to kill to get the mineshaft. This is the location where you will get the MSR Sniper Rifle.

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