How to Get the Rebreather – The Forest

Follow this guide to know how to get the REBREATHER in The Forest. You have to follow the steps explained in the guide to get the rebreather.

You need to take your map and go to the location, as shown in the following image. 

There are two ways to enter the cave. You have to enter through the hole shown in the image below. You have to be careful in choosing the way to enter the cave. 

When you go down the cave, you have to face two CANNIBALS. You have to kill them. All you need is to go through the litter.

Then you come up to the wooden barrier. You will need to break it.

After breaking the barrier, there will be two more CANNIBALS there. Again, you have to kill them and then keep going your way. You will find a hanging skull on your way. Go across the rope, and then you will need to climb down. Then after climbing down, there’s another rope here to the right. Now again, you have to climb down through the rope. 

Go straight and when you face a hanging skull, turn left. You will get the rebreather with the oxygen cylinder there.

Now open your Inventory, and you will find the rebreather behind the bag. 

So when you go under the water, you can see the torch with the rebreather.

Now get out of the cave. In this way, you can get the Rebreather in The Forest, which will help you out in the game. 

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