How to Get the Secret Badges in Roblox Robbery

There are two secret badges in Roblox Robbery. In this guide, you will get to know how to get both of them. Go through the guide and follow the instructions to get the badges. 

You will need to give all the stuff that you find to the following person.

First, you will need to find a golden key. So go to this alley and you will find a code on the wall. 

With that code, you have to go into the bank and head to the room where a board is hung.  

Click this object on the wall until it falls off, revealing a safe. And then enter the code you found on the wall. 

The safe opens and there will be a key, you can pick it up! 

Next, you have to wait for the vault door to blow up. When the vault door opens, go inside and take a bag of gold. 

Take the gold quickly and run from here.

And when you have both the gold and the key, you will need to go back to that person and give him both items.

When you give him both items, you will get the first “???” badge.  

Now, to get the 2nd “???” badge, you have to play until you reach the warehouse!

Next, go downstairs to where the same person is.  

Give him the papers and you will get the 2nd “???” badge!

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