In this guide, we will show the secret passage to enter in the Cayo Perico Heist. You may know about this secret passage but there are some people who don’t have any idea about that. They can follow this guide, it is an underwater entrance to the compound.  

You have to break a bar with the help of a cutting torch to enter into the secret passage. Cut these bars in the square shape and push them to enter into the drainage through the sewers. The spot where these sewers will end is the gateway to the compound. This is very easy and the fastest method to get in there.  

To enter the passage, you will need to complete some very easy missions. The first one of them is to deliver the Sonar jammer. Kill your restrictors and look for the sonar jammer. The location of the Sonar jammer will vary during the game and it will not stick to one place. Pick up the jammer and head yourself on to the next mission.  

You have the option to explore the island more. The compound of Mr. El Rubio is located on the right side of the island. You will find an area during the scoping in the island and you can see this area on the map as well.   

See the map to check the location of that particular area. This would be the right location where you are supposed to reach, now you can jump in the water.  

You found a scuba suit in the submarine, it’s better to wear it now. You can find the location of the balcony by looking into the water, there’s no need to take a picture as your phone is not working properly.  

But Pavel will call when you come over the water that you have found the location. There will be a boat, you can use it.  

Find the main dock on the map and make your way towards it. Reach the main dock and get yourself protected. Move to the guards and surrender against them, they will send you back to the airport.  

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The third mission is that you need to go to the equipment, look for the location of entrance and get the cutting torch. You cannot complete the Cutting torch mission if you haven’t got the location, so it is important to know the location first. After knowing the location, the cutting torch mission will be ready. You will find a yellow helmet on this location, wear it and search the tool box to find out the cutting torch. Once you pick up the torch, you will be in the list of people who can reach the secret entrance.  

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Move rapidly towards the submarine after collecting it. Just fast track to the submarine, you don’t need to use lift. 

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You need to go back and start the mission after fulfilling all the requirements. Select the Kosatka submarine as a vehicle and drainage tunnel as the infiltration point. Drainage tunnel will be the entry point of the compound. It all depends on your skills and how you make an escape from this area.  

You will reach the drainage after passing through the sewer to enter into the compound as you know all that stuff and procedure already. 

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Move forward in the compound and cut down the chain near the locked door. You will find the pink diamond there as it was your target to get it. 

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