How to Get the Secret Pogcat in Pet Simulator X

In this brief guide, you will come to know how to get the Secret PogCat in Pet Simulator X Roblox.  

You have to make your way to your spawn area, and you will find a blue house there. Go towards that house, as shown in the image below. 

And then, you have to open your chat box, type “knock knock” and then press the enter button. You will hear a little knock effect of sound, and you will be teleported inside that house where the new egg is. 

When you go closer to it, it first says “hi” to you and then “omg pog egg” as these pets become unobtainable in September 2021. This egg is available in the main world, and you can purchase it with 11 billion fantasy coins. You may get the pog cats, pog dogs, pog dragon, and a legendary from that egg.

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