How to get the Slingshot in Field Trip Z

You’ll need to Complete the Bully Quest to get the Slingshot. This guide will tell you how you can complete the Bully quest and then get the Slingshot.

First, you will need to talk to the Bully.

And then you have to find the homework for Bully.

Here are the 4 Spawn Locations of the Homework:

  1. In the Teacher’s Desk
  2. In the Principal’s Desk
  3. In the Cafeteria Table.
  4. Near the Locked Door on the second floor.

You have to go to these locations to find the homework. Head to the locked door on the second floor.

And then look for the homework in the Cafeteria.

After getting the Homework, Talk to Bully again.

Give the Homework to Bully, you’ll get the Slingshot and the Badge.

The Slingshots is a really good Weapon that can defeat Zombies Easily. It sometimes insta-defeats zombies.



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