How to get the Soul Stone in I Don’t Feel So Good Simulator

In this guide, you will come to know how and where you can find the Soul Stone in Roblox I Don’t Feel So Good Simulator. It will also give you the codes to unlock three different doors.

To get the soul store, the first thing you will need to do is to enter the cave.

After entering the cave, you will find three doors, and each of which requires a code.

The code for the first door is “4352312731A” and the code for the second door is “12345152368B”.

The code for the third door is “9962375312C”.

Now you need to activate the TNT to blow up the wall.

After that, make your way towards the light.

Now you need to activate 3 levers by going to the hall with three green lights.

Activate the lever and go to the light, and you’ll be teleported.

Now, you need to complete three obstacles, it’s recommended to complete the red obstacle first.

And then you have to get on top of this tower, which is basically the tower of pain 2.0.

When you’re on the top, you need to jump to the wall in the way that you fall into the hole.

You’ll be teleported, walk the hall and you’ll be teleported back to complete the other two obstacles. Head to the yellow quest.

In this obstacle, you will have to look at 3 maps and walk on the highlighted path, otherwise, you’ll fall and die.

Now you have to repeat this again for the other 2 maps.

Once you make it to the end, go through the door to go to hell. Then move to the end of the hall to get back to the place.

Now you need to go to the green quest.

And then you have to… DEFEAT CORRUPTED JOHN CENA!

After defeating him, go to the door, walk the hallway and you’ll be teleported back.

Now go on the platform that has appeared.

When you’re teleported, walk toward the path, as shown in the image below. 

You will find the stone.

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