How to Get the Susan Ending in Aquarium Story

This guide will let you know how to get the Susan Ending in Roblox Aquarium Story. 

It is suggested to go solo because it is easier. Now play the story normally until they tell you to look around. Cross the street and avoid the cars. 

Look around, and then you will need to get the office key.  

After that, complete the easy obby and do what they tell you to do. 

Reach the lab door and go through the opened door. 

Now you will need to find Susan’s office.

The key spawns randomly on any desk, so it’s not always on the mine.

You have to find the key and unlock the door.

There will be a computer out there, and you need to hack that. 

It is the most challenging part; you need to click on your screen with the excellent timing to shut off the computers if you fail once you get the bad ending.

After that, exit through the fire exit and get to the roof of the building. 

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