How To Get The Unwell Skin & Closure Badge In Bear

To get the Unwell Skin & Closure Badge In Bear, follow the steps mentioned in this guide:

Firstly, you will need to vote for the SOS Map.

After Spawning, pass through the (image) door..

Once you’re here, walk into this Area and Pick up the Green Keycard.

Now go to the door with two green buttons on the side.

Use the Green Keycard on this Door.

After that as you see the sky blue circle, turn right.

Once you’re here, move to the Right and get the Black Keycard.

Now find the black door and use the Black Keycard to Unlock this Door.

Now enter this Stall and Click the Red Button in this Area.

And then go to the orange skin..

Once you’re here, Climb this Ladder and enter this room.

Now touch unwell to get the Badge and unwell skin! Here you can see the Unwell skin!

Sadly, Unwell doesn’t have any Voice Lines or Special Effects. It still looks pretty nice, so you should go and get it.


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