How to get the Wood Talisman – Trophy Guide – Sifu

This guide will let you know how to get the Wood Talisman – Muk Yan Master trophy in Sifu. You have to follow the simple steps to get it. 

To get this trophy, you must spare the first boss rather than kill him, so you need to fight your way to the encounter at the end of the squats.

The first phase is business as usual; just beat the boss trigger phase 2.

It is where things get interesting. Instead of defeating the boss, you have to stagger him.

But do not finish him.

His stagger bar will reset a little, and you must do this a 2nd time.

Blocking attacks and doing damage will add to his stun bar. Blocking is the best choice since you don’t want to kill him.

You will get an option to spare him with the left D-Pad button; press this to get the trophy.

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