How to Get The Worker Jacket and Hat – Stray

This guide will help you to find a worker’s jacket and hat in Stray.

Each step is briefly discussed in this guide.

Table of Contents

    Worker Jacket

    Once you have arrived in midtown, and have met Clementine, now you will need to get your worker jacket and hat. Go back to the apartment and take a cassette which will help you talk to Simon, a robot.

    He will tell you about the three cameras above him on the floor; you have to destroy all three cameras by jumping on them. 

    After this, you have to talk to Simon again to get a cassette; this cassette will play an important role in getting the worker’s jacket. 

    Creating Distraction

    Now you have to find the clothing store which is right next to Blazer. You can’t steal the worker jacket without a distraction; so you have to put the cassette into the music player at the back of the store. 

    This will create a distraction, and the store owner will go to see the back of the store, so finally, this will be the time to steal the worker’s jacket.


    The next step is to find the worker hat, there is a hat shop close to the town center. You can’t enter the shop because the owner scares you with a quite angry robot with a box at his feet. 

    Now you have to go to the back of the bar to find a sleeping worker robot. Jump on the shelf with a crate of beers; drop that crate on the robot and he will wake up.

    He will start walking towards the hat shop; you have to follow him, jump inside the box, and the robot will take you inside the shop. Now it’s time to take the worker hat and move back to the Blazer.  

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