How To Get The Yeti Pet in Time Adventures In Sub Zero Adventure

In order to get the Yeti Pet in Time Adventures, you will need to find 6 artifacts in the Sub Zero Adventure. This guide will provide you the locations to find to find the artifacts and then the Yeti Pet.

The Snowman Head Artifact is found here.

The Sword Artifact is found on top of the waterfall.

The Egg Artifact is found inside the waterfall.

The Penguin is found near the other side of the lake past the waterfall.

The Viking Helm Artifact is found at the Yet’s base.

Now getting the Frozen Claw is somewhat difficult, first put the core in the teleporter. When the teleporter becomes unstable, you’ll be thrown into the avalanche.

Once you’re down here, you’ll see a door. Head to the direction opposite to the door.

If you get teleported, quickly head out of the door and find the claw. Once you find the claw, touch to get it.

Once you’ve gotten all 6 Artifacts, head back to the lobby and click on the pet to get it.

Here’s what the pet looks like in game.

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