How To Get Thunder Stone And Use The Obliterator – Valheim

In this guide, you will come to know how to get the Thunder Stone in Valheim. You will also learn how to use The Obliterator

The first thing you will need to do is go to your trader, and you can also find him on the map with an etuis sign, as shown in the image below.

Go to the trader’s store, and you find that he is selling the thunderstone for 50 coins. You have to purchase it from the trader. 

After that, you will need to head back to your base and make the Obliterator, open your crafting table and craft the obliterator, as shown in the image below.  

You have to click on it and put some materials like a chain or barley when you build it. Then you have to pull the lever, and you will see the lightning there. 

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