How to get Thunderstruck Logs/Trees In The Wild West (Roblox)

In this guide, you will get to know thunderstruck logs.

So to get lightning or thunderstruck wood, you first need lightning. So you have to wait for rain and pray for it.

When it rains, go to a place with lots of trees like Tribal Forest. You have to wait a bit for lightning to strike.

And you have to find that tree which got lightning. And in this process, the night time may shift to day time. And we found it after searching for it.

You have to chop it down now, it will take a while to chop it down. Look at that wood !

Let’s go back to bronze and not get eaten by a bear. It sells for $2000. But I am not selling it. Keep it in the bank, it will be safe and sound.

Well that’s how you can get the thunderstruck wood.

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