How to Get To the “Blue Hell Portals” in GTA Trilogy

Blue hell is the empty area underneath the map’s terrain in three-dimensional video games. Usually, the players cannot reach this area during the gameplay.  

This guide will teach you how to get to the “Blue Hell Portals” in Grand Theft Auto TRILOGY Definitive Edition.

Table of Contents

    1.’ON’ the tunnel 

    You will need to align the car right here, as shown in the image below and get out of the car. 

    You can use this method not only to access lue hell, but also to access Staunton Island early in the game. 

    You are now running under the sea! 


    You can go through this wall only by vehicle, and it’s a good way to collect some cash too. 

    1. From Hospital 

    Here you have to go to the hospital in Staunton Island. 

    To get there, you have to use a taller vehicle. You can use a pony or line runner for this.  

    Grand Theft Auto Vice City 

    1. Apartment 3C’s back  
    1. Hell in Vice Point 
    1. Hell From Staircase 

    Grand theft auto san andreas

    1. Hell in san fierro 
    1. Hell Behind Cemetery 
    1. Hell Behind Ammunation   

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