How to Get to the Ledge in Valkyrie Elysium

This guide will provide you with the easiest way to get to the Ledge in Valkyrie Elysium. You have to follow the step-by-step instructions below to do so.

You will need a weapon that can make an attack upwards while jumping. You can do it by jumping, using the directional button, and attacking. In this case, the weapon is the sword Alfodr and its ability is called Upper Slash. You will also need a double jump and then start from the bottom of the stairs because you cover more distance when you do jump while running.

Once you reach your second floor, continue running to the ledge and jump just before you reach the rails. After that, move the upper slash at the peak of your jump and do your last jump towards the ledge at the end of that upper slash.

Then you’ll be in the platform-ish where you can get an item and another Hollow blossom.