How to Get to the Map – Sims 4

In this brief guide, you will learn how you can get to the map on Sims 4. There are some different ways to do this.

The simplest way is that if you play with your family, you have to press “M” on your keyboard and get to the map.

Now you can travel inside of your world, or you can click on the symbol on the left side on the top to get to different worlds!    

The second way is to zoom out as much as possible, and then you will see a symbol on the neighbor’s house. You will need to click on this travel.   

The third way is to use your mobile phone. There, you can choose “travel,” and you will get to the map!  

The next method to go to the map is to go along the road. In the end, you will see an icon, which you can use to travel by clicking on it.

The last method to get to the map is for people who don’t want to travel.

You just have to click on “Manage worlds” to do this.  

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