How to Get Units Early on in No Man’s Sky

This guide will let you know how to get Units Early on in No Man’s Sky. There will be multiple methods in this guide to get the units. 

For the first method, you will need to have a space anomaly unlocked and go to it to access the nexus missions.

Once you’re in the space anomaly towards the middle of the area, you will see a nexus floating ball. You have to talk to them.

Once you talk to the nexus, you will see four missions that you can accept. But you have to look for a specific mission called restless ancestors. The mission will tell you that you need to unearth ancient bones.

This method might take time since the specific mission might not be on the list every time you check the nexus. So if it isn’t, you can wait for about 10 minutes then check again because every 10 minutes, the mission list refreshes.

A beacon appears on a planet once the game has warped you to a new system shortly after. You will need to use the analysis visor to find ancient bones on the planet.

There are three different bone realities, with blue being worth the least and selling for up to 126,000 units. Purple can sell up to 680,00 units, and gold can sell for 1,000,000+ units.

Once you’ve gathered 12 Ancient Bones, you have to head to polo’s contact and try to give him the bones. The contact will not take them from you, so don’t worry about that.

It will ask you to go back to the space anomaly, but before you do that, make sure you’ve been to the space station that is is in the system and check the portal that is at the space station to make sure the system that your in appears in the portal. When you go into the anomaly again, you can teleport back to the system with the planet with ancient bones on.

You will need to sell your bones here, or if you have an economy scanner, you can find a trading outpost to sell your bones. You will get more or fewer units selling them at the outpost than you would at a space station.

Make sure you can teleport back to the system through the space station portal, and once you’ve done that, you can then go into the anomaly and finish the quest. After that,  go out, which should warp you back to the original system you were in. 

Once you’re back in your original system, you have to head to a space station and use the portal to teleport back to the system with the ancient bones in it, and then you can farm ancient bones.

Once you’re back on the planet with the ancient bones on it, you will be able to scan for ancient bones using the analysis visor.

The next method is mining asteroids and selling the resources you get from the asteroids, but this method probably won’t give you as much as you would with the other two methods. But it is the easiest out of the three methods.

Platinum is a valuable resource that you can get while mining the asteroids, but it doesn’t come from the normal-looking asteroids. Platinum comes from an abstract kind of abnormally formed asteroids that look something like this, so make sure to destroy them if you see these asteroids.

The last method on this list is to attack freighters and fleets in the system to get resources to sell. If you do this method, then whichever species is dominant in the system you plan to attack in, your standing will go down with them. 

So you have to try to attack in a system whose’s species standing you don’t care about though once you don’t need as many units anymore, it’s not that hard to get standing back, so you should be able to regain standing fairly easily.

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