How to Get Unlimited Studs In Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga

In this guide, you will come to know how to get Unlimited Studs in Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga. Go through the guide and follow the simple steps to get them. 

First, you will need to get times 4, which starts at two million and then you need to get the data cores. Without upgrades, you need to go to episode four, in which you have to stay on target, which will give you 100K without any bonus, so you will get to two million easily and quickly if you do all the campaign missions. Also, you can skip all the cutscenes to level fast in the game.

After that, hold the R2 button from the controller and start moving forward; on each kill, you will get more credits and more studs. You will need to kill as many as you can to earn credits. You have to be careful there because the tie fighters will attack you consistently, and the game knows you are trying to farm, so there will be a few times when they will tell you to speed up. 

If the imperial tie fighters attack you from behind and top, they will easily defeat you. To avoid them, you need to watch out for the big towers because they have credit studs around them. You have to fly through the top of the towers because if you do not, then they will crush you. You need to make sure to keep shooting them whenever you spot them, and once you get to the middle, you will get a choice to go left or right, so you need to go to the left side because it will be a shooting gallery and there you can easily kill the tie fighters. You have to watch your allies there as well.

Once Vader comes, the cut scene will start, so you have to skip it, and it will give you a random ship at that point, so you have to use that ship and do a loop. And you also need to grab four torpedoes, and there you will also find purple-coloured small objects, so you have to collect them because that will give you a 10k base. There you have to destroy everything to earn the studs.

Once you destroy everything, you will need to take the last photon torpedo to destroy the vent, and you will get an extra two for destroying the death star. After that, they will add you to a course where you have to shoot at small towers, and also you need to be careful because it’s a blind fire, so you have to fly through all of them and at last take your shot by pressing the square button from the controller.

Once the level completes, you will get up to five hundred thousand studs; the trenches are randomized how many towers spawn in the level and without upgrades, you will get only one hundred thousand studs. Now you need to have kyber crystals or kyber blocks, so you have to go to the bounty hunter upgrade and there, the multiplier counts for this as well. Tie fighters, towers, and turrets you destroyed during the trench run also count for extra credits.

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