How to Get Volcanic Guns, Flare Gun, & More – The Wild West (Roblox)

In this guide we will let you know about 2 new Volcanic Guns, A pistol and a rifle. They are located at two different forts.

The Volcanic Gun is at Fort Henry and the Rifle is at fort spenser. You will need to go there in order to get these weapons.

Let’s go ride your horse and raid these forts. You can build a ladder with five wood planks and can also blow up the gate as well.

There will be people who restrict you from going there but don’t worry you can kill them.

Fort Henry is captured now. The volcanic pistol cost $80.

The Volcanic Rifle is at fort spencer. Now it is the time to capture this fort as well. Ride a horse and make your way to the fort.

Blast the gate of this fort and capture it. You always have to capture the fort to buy the things. The volcanic rifle also costs $80.

Both guns are really fast. And we have some test subjects here.

First the Volcanic Rifle. It takes three shots in the head to put down a man.

Now it is the Pistol Time. woah two shots in the head and it is done.

Remember the volcanic guns drop when you die. The build tool and flare guns are also purchased at Forts.

The flare gun costs $1000, and you need to buy an ammo for $10. And we need another test subject.

Flare gun test time. It does not kill. It brightens the scene instead.

Shoot other ammo with a flare gun and it will brighten the scene even more.

There are now smoke bombs for $30. You can also buy them at gun stores.

Throw smoke bombs at test subjects. It will be too smokey that you may not be able to see anything.

The night sky and lighting has also changed and it is very beautiful. Let’s see what a flare looks like at night.

It looks like a red star. Let’s chase it and go under it. It is also like a UFO. Coming underneath it. It is very loud and red.

Those are the new items. That’s all for now.


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