How to get Vy’Keen Daggers and Effigys in No Man’s Sky

This guide will let you know how to get Vy’Keen Daggers and Effigys in No Man’s Sky.

There are a number of ways to get Vy’keen daggers and effigy, one way is by buying them from traders you encounter randomly while using your pulse drive in a system. You’ll come to know when a trader might appear while your pulse driving as you’ll find an indicator saying the object of interest has appeared. However, you can only get them if the trader is Vy’Keen, so make sure you are in a Vy’Keen system before doing this.

You can also buy them from ships/traders that land and go to trading posts that you can find in whatever system you might be in.

You can also get daggers by opening damaged crates that you might find on derelict freighters or on abandoned settlements. You can find them on planets either by scanning the planet using a signal booster or using a distress signal planetary chart, which you can buy from the cartographer found on space stations. It might take less time but you will need a good amount of money to do that consistently at least.