How To Get Whirlwind Skateboard On Ragnarok X Sea Server

In this brief guide, you will learn how to get Whirlwind Skateboard On Ragnarok X SEA Server.

To get the quest you must reach level 34. When you reach the level, the quest will appear on your quest list.

When the quest appears, just follow and finish it until you unlock the NPC.

Rose red tavern (channel 1)

Now the NPC is already unlocked, and you can find the NPC in the middle prontera.

Once it appears here, you can start to give him a favor, and fill it to 100 percent to get the skateboard Mount.

If you want to fill it faster, you can give them his favorite item.

You can buy his favorite items at a crystal shop on alberta.

You can only buy 1 piece for each item every day.

So in a day, you can get 3.5 percent from these 3 toys.

For 5 pieces drifting shards, you will get 4% favor per day so you will need 25 days to fill it and claim your skateboard.


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