How to Get XP Levels in Monster Legends

In this guide, you will find out how to get Fast and Easy XP Levels in Monster Legends.

There are a few different ways to get experience but there are two main ways that will give you the most experience.

The first way is growing food and it also depends on what food you grow, and how much experience you’ll get.

But if you grow the black lotus root, you’ll get 2.5 million experiences per root. It is amazing because that is a lot of experience. So you must try to grow if you can. But if you can’t grow it, then you can grow whatever you can constantly because you’ll get enough experience depending on what level you are.

The next way to gain experience is through the adventure map. One tip is that you only need two stars in these levels instead of three stars for the first time because you can actually spin the wheel after two. Then you can spin it again after you complete it with a three-star and you can get gold food jams and just a ton of great stuff out of the wheel. So yeah make sure to complete the adventure map if you can.

You also need to keep in mind that you might not want to level up as much because it does make the challenges harder. For example, the gold one in the image will take more gold to complete on the higher level you are. So if you’re already struggling to complete these, you might not want to level up instead focus on getting more monsters and try to get more gold at the current level, same is the case with the food. But you do get more gems on the higher level you are from the event.

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