How to get Zodiac Shred and Astral Slash in Warframe

This guide will let you know how to get Zodiac Shred and Astral Slash in Warframe. 

Astral slash and zodiac shred can drop as completion rewards for completing various archwing mission types. Those missions being. Mobile defense, sabotage, and on rush missions as C rotation rewards. On the rush missions, you will need to destroy all three transports to get C rotation rewards, so you’ll have to run through the mission fairly quickly to get all three transports and get C rotation rewards. 

While running the missions, if you decide to run the rush mission, you will only have a chance to get astral slash as the other slash mod isn’t in the reward pool. Also, all the mods have fairly low drop rates, so it’s probably going to take you some time before you get either of the mods.

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