How to Give Money to Other Players in GTA 5 Online

This guide will tell you how you can give money to other players in GTA 5.

You can’t transfer that money to someone who already is in your account. In order to send money to someone, you will need to do a job. The best job to transfer money to someone is discussed in detail.

In this guide, you will get to know how you can transfer money to other GTA players. As the rockstar just took out the feature through which you cannot transfer millions and billions of dollars to others as they put a cap on it. It should be kept in mind that this method will not work for any money that already exists in your account; however, it will work for any new jobs or free roams.

So you will have to start a job in order to transfer money to someone. The more you complete the job by enjoying it and not considering it a burden on yourself, the more money you can transfer to someone. Rockstars have made some jobs that don’t work in terms of transferring money to someone’s account. One of them is the races.

This is how the race’s job works and any money you earn from races, you can’t transfer it to someone.

One of the jobs offered by the rockstar is Hold Up. By doing this job, you can give a percentage of money to someone.

Rockstar doesn’t allow you to transfer money to someone other than the multiple of 5 percent like 5%, 10%, 15%, and till 100%. This money can be split amongst different people and once the people are selected whom the money is to be given, you can then select the Accept button. In this way, money will be taken from your account and will be transferred to the other people’s accounts whom you selected. The receiver will also get a notification that you have sent them the money.


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