How to Glitch into the Exit in Every Chapter in Roblox Piggy

In this guide, you will learn how to glitch into the exit in every chapter in Roblox Piggy. 

All of the Glitches are for r6 (except for city). This is essentially “in the exit” because the door is the exit.

You will need to walk into a corner and continue walking into it, then zoom in.

Sometimes you will teleport here or on the side of the bed, For any of them, zoom in, spam crouch then shake the screen.

Chapter 2-Station

Another monster needs to get to the garage. You only need to find the batteries to escape.

If you try to glitch out of this garage, it might not work.

Walk into the wall and then do /e dance2. At this part of the dance, zoom in on this part of your character.

Chapter 3-Gallery 

There will be a bonus glitch at the end of this one.

This glitch is very familiar. You just have to do the same with station one.

If you want to get out, just do the same thing to get in. The bonus glitch is getting up here in r6.

Walk into this place, then do /e dance2.

At this part of the dance, zoom in then jump immediately after. It’s faster than doing the glitch in r15.

Chapter 4-Forest

You will be stuck there if you do it on the door. So, you have to do it on these fences. 

“It” is the dance glitch, same on the station.

If you do some epic wall hopes on this fence thng, you can get up on the top of this invisible brick.

Chapter 5 – School

First, you will need to place the gears to access the exit.


Walk into the door, then do the dance clip. When you are here, you won’t be seen by a piggy.

But you can still be killed if they touch the door.

Chapter 6-Hospital

There is a game breaking glitch here.

You can do the “dance clip” on any door to glitch through it.

To glitch into the exit, you need to get the plank first.

You have to do a dance clip on his side but not on the door.

If you do it on the door, you would be stuck inside an invisible block.

Chapter 7- Metro

There’s another glitch which is being discovered. It’s just an easy corner clip.

You have to walk into and hold the direction of the corner of this invisible block and zoom in.

Chapter 8- Carnival 

The glitch is the same as the glitch in the metro. You just have to do the corner clip on the trailer.

Many times, you will teleport like this.

When the door is open, you just have to touch the invisible block to escape.

Chapter 9 – City

For this glitch, you need to be in r15. Crouch, then walk into the gate backwards by zooming in.

After that, turn around using zoom in like this.

Align your back to the gate like this.

When the gate is opened, you can just touch the gate to escape.

Chapter 10 – Mall

If piggy is a bot, you will die 100%.

Chapter 11 – Outpost

This Guideline is about how to kill glitchers in this place (on the i card in the top right corner). You will need to do 2 corner clips (same step by step with metro and carnival).

One on the corner and second on the other corner.

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