How to Glitch through Any Door in Chapter 6 – Roblox Piggy Glitches

This guide will let you know how to glitch through any door in Chapter 6 – Hospital in Roblox Piggy. 

First, you will need to type /e dance2 in the chat. Walk directly onto the door and open the chat. When the piggy looks to the right like this, you have to press enter to dance.

At this part of the dance, zoom in. If you are on a mobile, you can put the camera near your head so you only need to zoom a bit. You can use that to kill people who glitch in here.

The glitch outside the exit, it’s a bit different.

You can’t use the look around animation to push you back.

Instead you have to jump and then do the dance. It’s because the wall is thicker than the doors.

Here’s the step by step method to glitch out.

Walk into the wall beside the door then jump. After jumping, open the chat and press enter to dance as fast as you can. At this part of the dance, you will need to zoom in. Do the same thing to get back in.


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